The Velo Star Bike Shop is the very same bike shop that was in the Tandem Bike Cafe.

Clint has been working on repairing and selling bikes for over 20 yrs now, and he’s been riding them for much much longer. He loves the joy of riding bikes and wants to share that with everyone.

His team works hard to offer great support to all types of riders, our customers range from Iron Man athletes, to Cargo biking mama’s and all of them receive the same care and attention.

We ride and specialize in cargo bikes, road bikes and touring bikes. Wheel building is a passion at our bike shop, both with new and refurbished parts, and we LOVE our older bikes. Our shop also has loads of experience working on E-bikes and we value keeping good bikes on the road. We have an off-site welder who can help you with the more complicated fixes.

You can follow Clint and the work happening at the bike shop on his Instagram @clint.independent

A mechanic bent over a bike wheel in the fuzzy back ground, a patch statin "Psychic mechanic at work' focused in the foreground